Home Video ALL-“All manpower, no metal” – Ukrainian mobilisation, equipment shortages, also practising

ALL-“All manpower, no metal” – Ukrainian mobilisation, equipment shortages, also practising

ALL-“All manpower, no metal” – Ukrainian mobilisation, equipment shortages, also practising

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Beforehand, I’ve appeared at a potential all over which Russian force originate also political determination-making has left Russian forces with a surplus of heavy equipment, however an insufficient offer of quality infantry.

At this time, thanks to a Patron vote, I ogle at Ukraine’s self-discipline. There, a combo of volunteers, popular resistance, also compulsory mobilisation stuffed a ranks with a whole bunch of hundreds of newest troops – however where a lack of equipment also practising has refrained from them from realising a genuine doable of a mobilised, dedicated nation at conflict.


There are three overarching caveats that I wish to advocate on this video
– a standard of data on this topic is self-discipline is low also findings basically lift wide error margins
– I attain no longer tear into immense depth about a honor between a Ukrainian Military, TDF, NGU, also a loads of another units which might become contributing to a stopping. Please rob into sage a affect these distinctions might likely perchance likely need as I battle thru a presentation.
– This video will not become any longer intended to become, inside any potential, a dinky on a stopping energy also spirit of Ukrainian troops. I specialize inside calling out a build of abode of equipment shortages apart from a obstacles of a mobilisation system definitely attests to what a TDF, Military, also another forces has completed given their sources.

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There are furthermore some smaller ones on terminology which will become fee pointing out:
I exercise a terms like volunteers also folk ‘called up’ inside a soft vogue. A bunch of these I describe as ‘called up’ had been called up as a results of voluntary enlistment also registration whereas largely volunteer formations might likely perchance likely merely encompass infusions of conscripts.

“Mobilisation” is traditionally related to a mass name americaof conscripts. a Ukrainian trip is mighty extra of a hybrid, combining popular, spontaneous resistance, a mass enlistment of volunteers, also conscription.

00: 00: 00 — Opening Words
00: 01: 34 — What Am I Retaining?
00: 02: 29 — At this time’s Sponsor: MORNING BREW
00: 03: 36 — Mobilisation – a Idea
00: 05: 20 — a Soviet System
00: 07: 16 — Ukraine’s Reforms
00: 09: 12 — a Ukrainian Mobilisation Trip
00: 11: 22 — a Opening Callup
00: 14: 54 — Evolving Mobilisation
00: 17: 55 — Ladies folks inside Provider
00: 20: 12 — Demography also Mobilisation
00: 23: 43 — a build Are our Now?
00: 24: 58 — How Unheard of Materiel Does Ukraine Possess?
00: 26: 25 — Why I Don’t Use Russian MOD Figures
00: 28: 16 — Why I Don’t Use Russian MOD Figures: a Examples
00: 30: 01 — a Gruesome-Loss-Receive up Diagram
00: 33: 38 — Observed Tools Diagram
00: 34: 20 — a Contemporary
00: 35: 13 — a Broken-down
00: 36: 06 — a Grotesque
00: 37: 21 — Statements/Observations
00: 40: 30 — a Blended Characterize
00: 42: 41 — A Numerous Military
00: 43: 20 — So What Wants To Happen?
00: 46: 28 — Working inside opposition to & a Working inside opposition to Pain
00: 49: 43 — Choice Suggestions
00: 51: 52 — Earned Veterancy
00: 54: 11 — Scale also Sustainability
00: 56: 06 — What Does This Mean?
00: 58: 18 — Offensive Readiness
01: 00: 28 — Future Doable?
01: 01: 48 — Conclusions
01: 02: 54 — Channel Update

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Ukrainian equipment pre-conflict:
Militia Steadiness 2021 (as at all times, for consistency)

Ukrainian loss data:
OSINT visual confirmed:
https://odessa-journal.com/it-became-known-what-losses-ukraine-has-suffered-inside-militia-equipment-since-a-starting up-of-a-conflict/#:~:text=Since%20the%20starting up%20of%20the%20corpulent%2Dscale%20conflict%2C%20Ukrainian%20troops,a%20intensity%20of%20the%20conflict.

Interview with Ruslan Pukhov:

Ukraine at Battle – Paving a Avenue from Survival to Victory – RUSI (I seriously concur with their competition on priority equipment classes)

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Ukrainian Resupply – Pledged or Delivered (estimated)

Statements on enrolment of ladies inside Ukraine (inside Ukrainian)
https://www.mil.gov.ua/teach material/mou_orders/mou_2021/313_nm.pdf

Visual affirmation on equipment exercise:
Moderately a few, however remark credit score to https://twitter.com/UAWeapons

Favorite Ukrainian traditional mobilisation:

NYT fraction on some disorders with a mobilisation direction of (I attain no longer fragment a implied assessment on what real looking standards are at some level of wartime).

Ukrainian mobilisation development:


  1. Luxuriate in the video very professional and informative as are all you videos takes me reduction to when I changed into as soon as in the forces preserve up the famed work. Ukraine as a county and it’s struggling with force stand sturdy as you are and kick there corrupt arses out of your sovereign pronounce love to you all

  2. these manpower doesn't even mean shit. all these folks are factual Canon folders establish into the trenches when Ukrainians professional army are being eliminated. also construct how many ethnic Russians are living in the jap phase of Ukraine that welcome the Russians?

  3. Hey Perun! What more or less impact construct you seen Russian aviation has on their logistics? Particularly how long their transport aircraft can extend given embargoes on aircraft machinery, and your whole cutoff from formerly vital working companions esteem Boeing, Airbus, and even more crucially Antonov? What impact construct you seen the reduce off enterprise between Antonov and the RF had long term sooner than the commence of the conflict?

  4. > 36:36 There would possibly perhaps be rarely a weapon system different than seemingly the atomic bomb that humans will no longer mount on the aid of a truckI don't learn a couple of truck, but American citizens establish a bomb in a backpack; gawk Mk-54 Special Atomic Demolition Munition.

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