Home Video ALL-E92: Adam Neumann’s 2d act, a16z’s $350M bet, housing policy, Inflation Reduction...

ALL-E92: Adam Neumann’s 2d act, a16z’s $350M bet, housing policy, Inflation Reduction Act & more

ALL-E92: Adam Neumann’s 2d act, a16z’s $350M bet, housing policy, Inflation Reduction Act & more

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0: 00 Bestie intro plus a brand contemporary moderator!
7: 19 Adam Neumann raises $350M from a16z for his contemporary residential accurate property startup Waft
25: 32 Housing policy: Bay Home, Houston, Miami differences
45: 41 China, Saudi Arabia, Russia lengthen relatives: would maybe additionally quiet a US become insecure?
1: 01: 09 Inflation Reduction Act signed into law: native climate alternate impact, CBO scorecard, IRS beefed up, carbon tax, tremendous pharma pricing, also more
1: 29: 47 Chamath ends his spat with Phil Hellmuth, FBI raid prepare-up

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  1. ADU construction in the Bay is a nightmare. 2 years of making enable delays, taking PG&E 1 year to connect electricity on a performed residence. Kinds is this kind of leach, charges, delays followed by extra charges permits and delays. There isn't a housing scarcity, there is authorities incompetence and too a lot law net site. Let people make at free of fee no longer enable charges, and inquire of what occurs. Newly conostructed homes will pay for any administrative impress with tax income.

  2. Naturally whenever you occur to import just a few million people yearly then it be crucial to hurry down extra forests and farmlands to residence them. How about we conclude importing people? For the past few an extended time now, nay, even 70 and 80 years ago, scientists had been discovering extra and further evidence of what I worship to name 'world warming' and 'climate exchange'. If these items are exact, and there is precise evidence that they’re, then having a nation with a high inhabitants (The US is the third most populous country in the enviornment favorable now) will precise gain issues extra sophisticated. So doubtlessly we will also soundless additionally be discussing the very best capacity draw to maintain fewer people reach into the country other than precise where to examine them.

  3. Bro i desire they’d precise solve this housing disaster so i dont maintain to preserve taking a seek for for residence constructions for my nannies, chefs and colleagues 🤦‍♂️

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