Home Video ALL-Goat Simulator – All 30 Golden Goat Statue Areas!

ALL-Goat Simulator – All 30 Golden Goat Statue Areas!

ALL-Goat Simulator – All 30 Golden Goat Statue Areas!

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All areas of all 30 collectable golden goat statues inside Goat Simulator!
Unusual Space Handbook: https://www.youtube.com/demand?v=HAG05eYaBe0

#1: On a very high of a crane.
#2: On high of a shed former to get to a skill lines.
#3: On a skill lines attain a avenue. There is a shed on a side of a avenue with fans on high that can receive youre to it. Hit a fan also land on a bottom energy line.
#4: Within a again of a shed across from a college. Note a building around a side dealing with a avenue.
#5: Below a bell on high of a college. That youre simply can must toddle ragdoll to lag beneath a bell.
#6: On a fringe of a scale altering pit.
#7: Within a again of a Boulder of Doom.
#8: Up inside opposition to a fence within a again of a Goat Fightclub.
#9: Buried within a bushes underneath a water whisk.
#10: On high of a scaffolding over a again an eye fixed on room within a Low Gravity building.
#11: a utilize of a fan within a Low Gravity room, toddle up into a vent that shoots out from a roof.
#12: On high of a Low Gravity building, beneath for sure one of lot spinning fingers.
#13: To a honest of a harvester, next to a cramped sedan.
#14: Below a skill tower next to a Goatagram.
#15: On a scaffolding platform on a roof of a trend residing building.
#16: Within a again of a goat within a head of a tower attain a spawn.
#17: Below a tree within a heart of a fields.
#18: To a honest of a outhouse.
#19: Interior Espresso Stain Studios
#20: On a Espresso Stain Studios chimney.
#21: On high of a diving boards.
#22: Within a blue transport container hanging from a crane. To get on high of a container, utilize a fans on a lower roof of a trend residing building, where a NPC is sitting on a threshold. That youre simply can maybe furthermore must jump multiple times to get sufficient height. If youre happen to plunge into a container, straight away headbutt a G2 robotic guarding a collectible to terminate faraway from getting shoved out.
#23: inside a blue transport container on a ground stage of a trend residing, attain a avenue.
#24: Within a again of a Protester’s stage.
#25: Within a gas location.
#26: Within a bedroom of a house next to a spawn level, tucked inside a nook within a room to a honest from a steps.
#27: Within a greenhouse next to a Time Trial starting level, now not attain a spawn level.
#28: On a limb on for sure one of lot 2 trees between a celebration also a empty pool.
#29: On a box on a left side correct model as youre stroll inside to a throne room of a Goat Fortress.
#30: On a very high of a skill line pole closest to a Goat Fortress.

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