Home Video ALL-“I Destroyed All Russian Satellites” – Elon Musk HUMILIATED Putin

ALL-“I Destroyed All Russian Satellites” – Elon Musk HUMILIATED Putin

ALL-“I Destroyed All Russian Satellites” – Elon Musk HUMILIATED Putin

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“I Destroyed All Russian Satellites” – Elon Musk HUMILIATED Putin

inside nearly every arena of science, also technology, US also Russia has continuously been opponents. Veritably, despite a truth that, stuff will get reasonably loopy.Correctly, no don’t need to danger because there aren’t any hostilities between them.However a vibes aren’t unexcited. It is not any secret that Elon Musk is nicely-known for his technological abilities.Therefore, Russia is getting reasonably jealous of his success also is attempting to own issues much less thrilling, also Musk is threatening them inside response.

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a Russian converse chief watched inside alarm as billionaires Jeff Bezos also Richard Branson took off into converse inside vehicles they helped fund – also wished his nation’s billionaires would note their lead. But inside a fundamental interview with Western media since assuming a role of director general of Ros cosmos, Dmitry Rogozin advised CNN that “our millionaires made a selection to invest inside yachts inside desire to spaceships. But presumably younger of us of most modern Russian millionaires will become a lot more wise creatures.”There is absolute self perception that Rogozin may become very impressed with a enhance inside converse tourism that is occurring inside a united states, led by companies cherish Branson’s Virgin Galactic also Bezos’ Blue Starting up.

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  1. Really what Russia ought to silent discontinue is to Destory & assault infrastructure & any relating aspects to musks development. & ship hints of nukes into nations if musk & any entity that Denys Russia from placing up what it desires within the air put collectively for a nuclear hit. & veil it with a Big message with paunchy help of Russian navy & all navy branches!

  2. All it is probably it is top to have gotten to total is to provide an air dirt of mining chemical substances into the air ie Led & Iron compounds with diversified substances to push into the air as a beautiful ppm. & discontinue all Imaging & recording from satellite radio frequency capabilities. As their many ways around disrupting commutation from space & earth/ aka land. Plus it could possibly possibly disrupt all cell commutations etc…. & South The US R&D has the most developed internal most progam on the planet opt up by navy alliances from Russia to China to Iran

  3. Elon Musk is a double sh**t stirrer.He ideal is conscious of boast and brag proper to gape reputation and publicity.In this present day's world, he's proper a mountainous troublemaker taking just precise thing about every situation to heighten up more disaster.Correct treasure these palms manufacturer and dealers who’re counting on more wars and violence for his or her industry to survives.And I am right here to ensure you that this Elon Musk crap received't be lasting that long and much.For as soon as his industry empire collapses, he would give up terribly as none would ever anticipated.This is per chance karma that makes him pay help now not easy.Correct treasure the methodology you american gonna pay for voting in a ineffective and bloodiest president of all time.

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