Home Video ALL-Podcast Ep. 443: Britney Spears is an Atheist, Y’all

ALL-Podcast Ep. 443: Britney Spears is an Atheist, Y’all

ALL-Podcast Ep. 443: Britney Spears is an Atheist, Y’all

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Here is my weekly podcast for folks who’re searching out for to listen to to it by process of YouTube. It is a ability for myself also my buddy Jessica Greiff to debate tales from a previous week intriguing faith also politics.

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0: 00 Intro
3: 45 Britney Spears mentioned inside a now-deleted Instagram reel, “I’m an atheist, y’all!”
12: 57 Even married advocates of Purity Tradition can’t deal with Bridgerton.
20: 35 A federal utilize ruled that an HIV drug mandate violated Christians’ non secular freedoms.
35: 00 These preachers keep no longer agree with any idea how masturbation works.
41: 21 Pope Francis is lying about having a “zero tolerance” policy for handling abuse.
48: 30 a GOP lawmaker who condemned an crude anti-abortion invoice beforehand backed… an crude anti-abortion invoice.
55: 11 A Christian college baptized 100 formative years with out telling their of us.
1: 00: 30 a Archdiocese of St. Louis is placing dogma over decency, urging faculties to let formative years dawdle hungry rather than feed them with out cost.

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  1. I hope every little thing goes better for her, happy to listen to she's living as she wants to now. Additionally, listening to the phrase “I'm an atheist ya'll”, the “Ya'll” is what will get me, I are living in Contemporary Mexico and Ya'll is ragged right here lots, perchance no longer as mighty because the stout on bible belt southerners, but I continuously, in my head, gaze a historically southern girl saying it.

  2. Fabricate you realize that Securus, the company that has its finger in the pie of the united states penal advanced and detention heart machine permits inmakes to listen to to podcasts? the ammount of podcasts for each religon below the solar is supplied, no difficulty. Zero Atheist podcasts and I sought for yours spacificly whereas I modified into in detention heart.

  3. If atheists in fact imagine in science, then they must silent be in opposition to mtf transgenders competing in ladies folk's sports. In actual fact atheists don't imagine in science the least bit. Human demographics picture that evolution by no means took impart. There would be far greater than 7 billion folks if we non-public been around for 400,000 years. That's even whereas you yarn for earthquakes, pandemics, floods, famines and diversified predators. Many of those pure failures RARELY happen at orderly populations and human beings can with out peril overcome many of them. Pandemics normally closing decrease than 50 years on yarn of humans set immunities very like a flash, even in the heart ages.

  4. my city is named fayetteville, and even though it has no longer yet (doubtlessly on yarn of it's runt), it would positively no longer surprise me if it did something to procure on this expose's shit-checklist

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