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ALL-Robin Schulz feat. KIDDO – All our Bought (Legit Video)

ALL-Robin Schulz feat. KIDDO – All our Bought (Legit Video)

Robin Schulz Most modern Trending Video cramps also proof! Non-public Video bushings also collar. also video
Uploaded By Robin Schulz
Video ID lznH7FZBBYs

URL : https://www.youtube.com/gaze?v=lznH7FZBBYs

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Verse 1:
Lock me out of this existence institution 
I’m wrathful also excessive on illusions 
Yes I disfavor however disfavor’s not a solution
Attempting my supreme however hey I’m correct a human, oh
our don’t should claim our’re sorry
our don’t should treasure heaven’s art 
our don’t should claim our’re sorry
So a set’s a indulge inside
Here is all our purchased
Dreaming ‘bout a revolution inside our minds
Here is all our purchased
Talking ‘bout our resolutions getting excessive 
our don’t need a lot 
also our don’t care if our fuck it up 
If it’s what our purchased
Then why not give all of it our purchased
Verse 2:
I’m inside a position to survey to your eyes youre’re defeated 
Try to idiot yourself except youre’re thinking that it
That youre simply’re higher off numb also never feeling (,with out feelings( also not using a feelings)
However there’s a sky while youre jump by means of a ceiling, oh
our don’t should claim our’re sorry
our don’t should treasure heaven’s art 
our don’t should claim our’re sorry
So a set’s a indulge inside

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An EASYdoesit Manufacturing (http://www.easydoesit.de/) |

Directors: Maxim Rosenbauer, Moritz Ross
Director of Pictures: Dimitri Hempel
Executive Producer: Dimitri Hempel
Producer: Hiua Aloji
Editor: Ole Wiedemann
Graphic Dressmaker: Bastian Wienecke
Manufacturing Assistants: Elena Luca Denfeld, Christof Schnauß
VFX Artist & Making Of: Manuel Kaupp-Merkle
Sound Like & -Mix: Moritz Staub | Staub Audio
Coloration Grading: Nadir Mansouri | Mograde

Carrier Manufacturing Bucharest | 2029 Productions (http://2029.productions/)

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Executive Producer: Marius Erhan
Unit Manufacturing Manager: Irina Petrescu
Manufacturing Coordinator: Ruxandra Iacob
Manufacturing Assistants: Mihai Cristecu, Radu Bădilas
First AD: Christian Corduneanu
2d Advert: Despina Elena

Steadycam Operator: Ștefan Mangir
Cam A
1ST AC: Norbert Fodor
2ND AC: Andrei Martalogu
Cam B
1ST AC: George Ilie
2ND AC: dan juga Stroie
Video Befriend: Balint Csok
Trainee: Alex Neacșu
Making Of: Teodora Rosu
DIT: Alex Bodur

Dresser: Ovidiu Buta
Dresser Assistant: Silvia Cîmpeanu
Key Catch-Up Artist: Dora Codița
Catch-Up Assistant: George Doroftei
Hair Stylist: Bogdan Lazar

Manufacturing Dressmaker: Ștefan Constantinescu
Prop Master: Marcel Filimon
Props 1: Serghei Filimon
Props 2: Adrian Filimon
Props 3: Liliana Pîslaru
Props 4: Cristian Puiu

Gaffer: Lucian Diaconu
Greatest Boy: Vasile Dodu
Electrician 1: Ion Dodu
Electrician 2: Adrian Dobre
Key Grip: George Anton
Greatest Boy Grip: Sebastian Imbrea
Grip 1: Mihai Pârvu

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Region Manager: Nicu Duță
Key Train PA: Nelu Niculae
Train PA 1: Doru Alexandru Voinea
Train PA 2: Cătălin Costache

Transport Coordinator: Marcel Ursachi
Driver: Dumitru Ringhilescu, Stefan Petrica Eremia

Craft & Catering: Ioana Constantin
Casting Company: Agentia De Casting


Gymnast 1: Andrada Craciun
Gymnast 2: Olivia Cîmpian
Coach 1: Madalina Balasoiu
Coach 2: Ioan Daniel Filipescu
Jury 1: Erik Bubui
Jury 2: Nicoleta Apostolache
Jury 3: Delia Costea
Jury 4: Camelia Gafita
Jury 5: Bogdan Leparda
Additional Gymnast 1: Denisa Atanasiu
Additional Gymnast 2: Maria Elisabeta Calota
Additional Gymnast 3: Kyra Constantinescu
Additional Gymnast 4: Alexandra Toma
Additional Gymnast 5: Julia Petreanu
Additional Gymnast 6: Alexandra Asiminei
Animal Casting: Delia Opran

Label: Warner Music | Kevin Segler

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