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ALL-Smartflower POP All-inside-One Solar System

ALL-Smartflower POP All-inside-One Solar System

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Smartflower POP – a enviornment’s first all-inside-one solar plot. Thanks to its phenomenal construction also a peerlessly synchronised parts, a plot delivers, on a median, approx. 4,000 kWh per year, thus fulfilling all of a common electrical energy requirement of a family inside a central European assign.

smartflower POP represents altering cases. a dimension of a plot on my own is never any longer a measure of all things. What counts is a reasonably constant production rate at some stage right by a day, inside relate to enable a more handy thunder of a produced energy.

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smartflower POP achieves a stage of self-utilisation of round 60% – a foremost enchancment over a linked rooftop unit, which averages correct round 30%. Now that’s what our call tidy!

As a solar rises inside a morning, smartflower POP unfolds itself fully routinely. It directs its solar modular fan (with a surface space of 18 m2) inside direction of a solar also begins producing electrical energy for youre – to your hot bathe, your fresh coffee, a breakfast radio. Thanks to twin-axle solar tracking, a fan moves reliably alongside with a solar for a length of a day.

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a end result: inside comparability with a static rooftop plot, a unit begins earlier inside relate to create a categorical amount of electrical energy youre wish. It repeatedly maintains a electrical energy present also even makes thunder of a energy from a final solar rays successfully ample to quilt your early night electrical energy necessities. Handiest then, does it end as much as its earn space, which is additionally fully computerized.

5 causes why that youre just would possibly perchance get smartflower POP…
All-inside-One solar resolution without intensive installation (Race & Play)
Efficient energy production: as much as 40% more output resulting from innovative tidy tracking, on demand precisely must youre wish it
Thanks to tidy cooling also tidy cleaning, basic losses inside output resulting from warmth also contamination are averted by as much as 15%
Very supreme if your roof is never any longer an possibility (installation, aesthetics, condo property): smartflower POP would possibly perchance maybe additionally just additionally become voice up inside a backyard also would possibly perchance maybe just additionally become taken alongside must youre transfer
Most realistic fine made inside Austria also supreme reinforce from local dealers

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