Home Video ALL-They’re all reading off a a same teleprompter: Watters

ALL-They’re all reading off a a same teleprompter: Watters

ALL-They’re all reading off a a same teleprompter: Watters

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‘a 5’ discusses President Biden’s persevered ‘MAGA Republicans’ on Labor Day.

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  1. The handiest Republicans this guy has been in a position to work with is the Rino's like McConnell! Please shut your mouth you don't even get democratic backing! Vote crimson!

  2. Magnificent a reminder, when Germany invaded Poland in '39, they claimed Poland had attacked some radio put up inside of Germany.The instigators of this civil war, like their fellow fascists and Fuehrer don't opt to admit they’re the ones starting the war. Trump isn't supreme, however Biden…ugh!

  3. SAY IT IN FULL. Design America Good All all over again…….-Design America astronomical again republicans…..Trumpies.-America against MAKE America astronomical againHow great sense it DOES NOT get…..suited.Why would America be against folks that opt to get America astronomical again.?…..GET OVER IT!!!!!STOP HATING THE PERSON……AND START RESPECTING THE POSITION…………. NOT EVERYONE LIKES YOU…. . . BUT YOU GET THE RESPECT FOR YOUR HELP POSITION…..CORRECT? IMAGINE NOT!!!!!!EITHER DEMOCRATES HAVE A MAJOR CRUSH ON TRUMP…..OR THEY ARE JEALOUS TO THE EXTREME………….KITFOD. THATS MY ACRONYM…..LOL

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