Home Video Comfortable-Hair Styling (Edwardian inspired) | ASMR Comfortable Basics (hair brushing, scalp massage,...

Comfortable-Hair Styling (Edwardian inspired) | ASMR Comfortable Basics (hair brushing, scalp massage, tender spoken)

Comfortable-Hair Styling (Edwardian inspired) | ASMR Comfortable Basics (hair brushing, scalp massage, tender spoken)

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Cherish also become aware Us to salvage notification from our channel
Tender evening ! I’m hoping it’s seemingly youre’ll perchance trip this new hair styling / hair play session 😃

00: 00 Intro / inspecting a hair
00: 49 Instruments also new doll head
05: 25 Detangling / scalp massage
08: 00 Hair Brushing (wood brush, layered sounds)
10: 30 Combing (wood comb)
12: 45 Styling (teasing / inspire combing)
23: 40 Ending touches / Hair spray (liquid shaking)
28: 52
30: 10 Outro (undoing a hair)

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Wait on this video by together with subtitles (thank youre !) :
Thanks :
Herschel Krustofsky (spanish, latin a united states)
Knl (french)
Ue (eastern)

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This video became as soon as created for relaxation / leisure simplest. For any serious effort with sleep, stress also lots of others., please consult your doctor.
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  1. Hey ! It's been nearly a year since my final hair styling video so tonight let's skills traditional “hair triggers” 😄
    A unique roleplay will strategy quickly…
    As repeatedly, subtitles on your hold language are extremely appreciated. A astronomical thank you to all those that enjoy uploaded subtitles these final months !
    Timestamps :
    00:00 Intro / inspecting the hair
    00:49 Tools and unique doll head
    05:25 Detangling / scalp rubdown
    08:00 Hair Brushing (wood brush, layered sounds)
    10:30 Combing (wood comb)
    12:Forty five Styling (teasing / abet combing)
    23:40 Ending touches / Hair spray (liquid shaking)
    30:10 Outro (undoing the hair)

  2. This channel become a sudden cherish to acquire, you enjoy helped with many sleepless nights, and even how appropriate a price min in, I acquire my eyes falling shut, the thoughts driving and my physique lifting upwards

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