Home Video Copy-Bitget Copy Trading Challange 2022 (STEP-BY-STEP-TO$50k) S2 EP. 1

Copy-Bitget Copy Trading Challange 2022 (STEP-BY-STEP-TO$50k) S2 EP. 1

Copy-Bitget Copy Trading Challange 2022 (STEP-BY-STEP-TO$50k) S2 EP. 1

Crypto Costa Newest Standard Video drawings also award. Esteem Video automobile also deviation!! also post
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  1. Sir furthermore manufacture a video of ICONOMI copy procuring and selling platform. I've lately started there nonetheless don't know unparalleled about it. I heard that their bills are truly low. And in case you come there I'd adore to repeat your trades. Please create let us know.

  2. Hahaha mate you will fuck up all over again. Fully unfriendly strategy for CP. If your fee range is 500$, you will almost definitely be in a position to need to keep 50$ in pronounce, with out SL, with out taking profits. you would possibly well per chance furthermore contain 1 dealer. Most of factual dealer are procuring and selling with DCA bot. That's why your fee range for 1 dealer need to be divided by 10, so that they are able to start more positions downwards or reverse. You were liquidated factual beacuse of that motive, nothing else. My strategy: – total fee range for CP : 2000$- following 2 factual merchants max – let them to trade supreme with BTC& ETH- Chance administration for 1 dealer 800-1000$ – fastened value funding : 100$- Leverage: Futures atmosphere ( living up on each and each cash x30 long and immediate) Why no Quit losses? Beacuse can lunge down to 40-60% first pronounce, and than you are liquidated and continuously in Loss. Thanks me later 👍

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