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Copy-Extinct Centauro TC1200 Copy Lathe Test at Scott + Sargeant Woodworking Equipment UK | scosarg.com

Copy-Extinct Centauro TC1200 Copy Lathe Test at Scott + Sargeant Woodworking Equipment UK | scosarg.com

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Extinct Centauro TC1200 Copy Lathe being examined | Scott + Sargeant woodworking equipment

More data avaliable at http://scosarg.com/producers/centauro

a TC 1200 is a mechanical reproduction turning lathe true for a manufacturing inside miniature also medium batches of stair spindles, desk also chair legs also furniture ingredients inside traditional. a double cantilever turning assembly works with 2 self sustaining gouges on a side of a traveling popular leisure. This methodology enables a finest duplicate of even a smallest diameter pieces. a variable mosey hydrauli saddlemovement ensures a top likely effective of finishing.

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Saddle feed also return hydraulically managed
Mechanical copier with 2 cobalt gouges R 1.25mm
Revolving popular D=90mm for square 65x65mm
Reducing bush for revolving popular D=90mm
Precutting insert knife
Driving with 2 interchangeable jaws D=28mm & 45mm

Max distance between ctrs 1200mm
High of ctrs over bed 120mm
Max. reproduction diameter 150mm
Max. dia. accredited by t-popular 90mm
Connection for using & t-stock ctr CM3
Saddle feed mosey 0-5 mtr-min
Saddle return mosey 5 mtr-min
Spindle mosey 900-1500-2200-3000 rpm
Motor energy 4hp
Motor energy of hydraulic unit 1hp
Running strain 25-30 bar
Total dimension L2400xW650xH1540mm
Procure weight 400kg

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Alternatives to purchase into consideration at time of bid:
R0193 Single allotment motor 220v 50HZ
R0194 Single allotment motor 240v 50Hz
R0124 Additional precutting insert knife (HM)
R0164 Additional cobalt gouge R1.25mm ea.
R0165 Tantung gouge R 1.25mm ea.
R0452 A04 Three jaw chuck D80mm c/w guard & microswitch
R0456 A04 Three jaw chuck D100mm c/w guard & microswitch
R0453 A04 Four jaw chuck D80mm c/w guard & microswitch
R0457 A04 Four jaw chuck D100mm c/w guard & microswitch
R0225 Self-centering popular for squares 30×30-60x60mm
R0257 Additional bush for popular D90mm (please specifi)
R0271 A15 Tools box containing 5 handtools
R2200 Case packing TC-1200
R2205 Crate packing TC-1200
R2570 Pallet packing TC-1200
Filming also modifying – Louis Charnaud [email protected]

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