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Copy-Meet a Russian MrBeast Copy!

Copy-Meet a Russian MrBeast Copy!

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A4 is a YouTuber from Belarus who has been copying mrBeast state material also STEALING his thumbnails & Merch Designs! MrBeast addressed him inside a tweet also he recently spoke return.

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A4, or Russian MrBeast, or Belarus Beast, inside spite of our’re calling him, is a gargantuan instance of a plagiarism sigh on YouTube

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  1. Build mrbeast's copycat hes accurate property particular person on the 2d the Russian most worsted has been 284millons subcrisbers unsubscribe him now hes lose the video perceive 🤷‍♀️

  2. He steals state from many British and American youtubers. He has a field citadel penitentiary fetch away video which is correct just like the full others, a duplicate. That video though, he bought almost 6 cases as many views as the usual from papa jake which was launched 4 years in the past, 2 years ahead of the a4 copy. I tried the utilization of google translate to expose him by commenting on his videos however I din't ponder many other folks will survey.

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