Home Video Cushy-Cushy also Easy Sparkly Leer Makeup Tutorial | Frigid Toned Leer Makeup

Cushy-Cushy also Easy Sparkly Leer Makeup Tutorial | Frigid Toned Leer Makeup

Cushy-Cushy also Easy Sparkly Leer Makeup Tutorial | Frigid Toned Leer Makeup

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Hello Each person, Thank youre loads for staring at recently’s video. I hope youre all revel inside staring at this no longer too tough sparkly judge peek. a glitter I feeble is a total musthave!! One of lot pretiest I genuinely possess ever feeble. I’m definetly going to use it for more of my videos!

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Playlist with a total video’s I made utilizing a Huda Beauty Matte & steel melted eyeshadows:

Playlist: utilizing a Jaclyn Hill x Morphe Palette:


⇢ MAC Cosmetics – Paint pot: Cushy Ochre (a one I always use) http://tidd.ly/649c583c
⇢ Anastasia Beverly Hills Glitter Adhesive https://bit.ly/347KCHE
⇢ Jaclyn Hill x Morphe palette https://bit.ly/368OeKH
⇢ Huda Beauty Matte & Metals: Ca$hmere Gown & Penthouse Suite
⇢ Bocaj class Lashes https://bocajbeauty.com/collections/a-boys/products/christian
⇢ MAC Cosmetics Glitter http://tidd.ly/6df397c4
⇢ Marc Jacobs Beauty High Liner Pencil
⇢ NYX Cosmetics Matte Liquid Liner http://tidd.ly/304ca6d5
⇢ Maybelline Studio Gel Eyeliner http://tidd.ly/a2ea9f4

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⇢ Attend Cosmetics Exactly My forehead pencil 3.5 http://tidd.ly/9e432ac8
⇢ Attend Cosmetics Ka Browin a color 6 http://tidd.ly/e82d7a2a
⇢ Attend Cosmetics Gimme Brow5 http://tidd.ly/ac1ec2a6

⇢ Music feeble inside my video’s are copyright free music which that youre would become capable of moreover catch here: http://portion.epidemicsound.com/pqljj


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My title is An Knook. I’m 27 years habitual also reside within a Netherlands. I genuinely possess a expansive ardour for Assemble-up also esteem captivating diversified folks by utilizing my possess face as my canvas. Subscribe to my channel for of us that esteem to catch a notification at any time after I upload a brand new video.

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  1. My favourite respect makeup ever. Thanks my sis an knook. You are primarily the most exciting respect makeup artist in the sector. I will purple 💜 on you. I adore your movies and makeup. 💄💋🥰😍😘☺️

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