Home Video Duplicate- SO LUCKY!!! 2nd Serena Duplicate

Duplicate-[Infinite Magicraid] SO LUCKY!!! 2nd Serena Duplicate

Duplicate-[Infinite Magicraid] SO LUCKY!!! 2nd Serena Duplicate

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Hello all individuals, this day our update our yarn after a Voyage tournament, training a Force team for Tower of Mark also our hit our 2nd Serena Duplicate unlocking one among her most unparalleled upgrades!!!

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  1. Yeah begin a f2p which is able to support hundreds avid gamers bcz its new game and all avid gamers must know extra about the sport.. So if u begin a f2p its relish blessing to all avid gamers…

  2. I gorgeous pulled ariel and dont know how she manufacture and scheme to constructed . if u got can u compose a level to case of her. This can very true if u begin a f2p and circulate along while taking part in

  3. Is there surely the likelihood to reroll the equipment bonus stats ? or compose i in actuality would possibly maybe maybe well peaceful be neat lucky to salvage the true equipment with true stats?

  4. @barrygaming I'm new to game and I'm currently re-rolling and making new accounts to salvage a study out and salvage some decent characters initially. As I'm re-rolling is it imaginable to roll for any persona? Ty for your time

  5. I beat it by most efficient detrimental the boss, the AOE worry sucked resulting from of healing nonetheless I gorgeous attacked the boss as much as imaginable and hoped to salvage lucky

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