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Film – Sci-Fi Short Film “Tree Home Time Machine” | DUST

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An eager 12-year-ancient boy also his chums secretly fade return also forth help inside time within a hopes of unraveling a mystery surrounding his mom’s premature loss of life forward of a rightful owner of a machine realizes or no longer it’s long previous missing.

“Tree Home Time Machine” by Alan Ritchson

Extra About “Tree Home Time Machine”:
If a time machine powered by lightning is rarely always harmful enough, Charlie also his chums are playing a Games of Russian Roulette at any time when they take to return also forth by time also map. also not utilizing a system to manipulate when or a place they quit up, or no longer it’s any individual’s guess as as to whether they’ll become dancing to a right Elvis or working from a T-rex.

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For one dauntless also earnest 12-year-ancient boy, Charlie, a risk is value a reward. He wants nothing more than to return to a time when his mom is alive again. His fiercely actual most provocative chums, Puck also Vincent, are continuously up for a journey. However after what took situation a last time they traveled, they swore a sacred oath to quit time fade return also forth for appropriate. When a severely haunting storm rolls by metropolis, Charlie’s desire tp fade return also forth will get a much better of him. However his chums know him all too properly. They bust him at Charlie’s tree home, their preferred situation to return also forth from, forward of he can take off.

Unfortunately, for a “Three Musketeers,’ Pucks blabbermouth has introduced some uninvited guests alongside for a scuttle. With a secret finally out, a neighborhood is forced to return also forth with a impulsive also daring 13-year-ancient Maggie also her 18 year ancient meathead brother Bruiser.


When Charlie’s father, Jason is awoken by their canine Sunny, he realizes Charlie’s long previous missing. As he also Sunny lunge to trace Charlie’s steps by a rain, he notices a tree home as it explodes with a mysterious electromagnetic vitality of a activated time machine. However forward of he can attain a formative years, he notices an ominous hooded figure watching a tree home from a darkish forest close by.

Tree Home Time Machine is a proof of idea brief meant for an episodic television format. Space within a 90’s, it captures a inside-query nostalgia of that generation also is similar to Goonies meets Lend a hand to a Future. A dramedy with as great coronary heart as laughs, Tree Home Time Machine is bound to entertain formative years of all ages.

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