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Film – Sci-Fi Short Film “Wait on to a Gaia” | DUST

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An motion to build to world, a clinging mourning of her father, a metamorphosis of a girl inside her combating with loneliness also apprehension.

“Wait on to a Gaia” by Chen Xiaomeng

More About “Wait on to a Gaia”:
After a collision with an asteroid, a earth’s magnetic discipline had been broken, it used to become still inhabitable for human beings within a year 2013. To live to whisper a tale, human had started to assemble a sanctuary inside outer residence. lot geologists had been compelled to milk non-ferrous metals. For most of them, it used to become a one-manner dual carriageway to loss of life. Lola’s father used to become one amongst those geologists. He used to become deeply inside like with a deserted earth, he believed that a SG106 he researches on might perchance raise human assist to earth. But he didn’t query it device until a cease. lot years later, Lola, who misses her father very mighty, carries out a unfulfilled desire of him. She steps on this bizarre planet, taking a idea a a principle of returning to earth.

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“Wait on to a Gaia” Credits:
Lora – Xinmo Ma
K – Wenhao Zha
Lora’s Father – Peng Yan

Director – Xiaomeng Chen & Le Luo
Log keeper – Sha Lee

Director of Photography – Rui Zhong
1st Assistant Cameraman – Eryang Cao
Assistant Cameramans – Jiaqi Zhang, Junfeng Cao
Lights engineer – Kunpeng Liu
1st Assistant lighting engineer – Yanfeng Sun, Jun Lee
Assistant lighting engineers – Pengfei Liu, Fei Teng, Guoping Sun , Junfei Sun Zhigang Cao, Qiwang Sun, Hui Deng
Digital camera Checker – Yu Chen
Stage converse – Zi Cheng
Conceptual Originate – Xu Tianhua

Art director – Xiaoyu Wang
Characteristic Decorator Chief – Hongwen Chen
Assistant Editors – Jian Liu
Usual Safe – Zi YI, Xiansheng An
Costume clothier – Bao Wang
Makeup assistants – Guannan Wang, Huimin Shi
Dubbers – Wenhao Zha, Yanming Mo, Yin Feilong
Subtitle translator – Ge Mu
Producers – Wei He
Manufacturing supervisor – Feilong Yin
Producer – dan juga Chen
External producer – Lei Luo, Jixiang Liu
On-a-role producer – Qingyuan yg, Heng Huang
Administrator – Jie Wang
Grips – Xiaobo Zeng, Jie Lee, Changbo Yu


CGI Supervisor – Allen Wei
Sources Supervisor – Allen Wei
Producer Manager – Myron Cai
Manufacturing Manager – Sherry Wang
Matte Painting Chief – XianYang
Matte Painting Arist – Russell Lee, Jinqian Ma
Modeling & Texture Chief – yg Su
Modeling & Texture Artists – Derek Liu, Stephen Wang, Russell Lee, Lan Yu, Tony Li, Shanshan Liu

Stereo Quit Artists – Yihe Wang , Xiaohan Zhou
Colorist – Yuxin Liu
Sound Dressmaker – yg Jiang
Sound Manufacturing supervisor – Zhao Nan
ADR Recordist – Tian Zi
Sound Editors – Chen Yu Tong, Zhang Rui Ming

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