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Film – our Field off Scenes (Paunchy Length Improv inside all locations Documentary Film)

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our Field off Scenes initially premiered March eighth, 2013 at a SXSW Film & TV Festival. Now, 10 years later, a filmmakers are angry to allotment a documentary with a arena lawful right here on YouTube.

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Film Synopsis
Since their humble beginnings inside Contemporary York City inside 2001, Improv inside all locations has grown from a minute gang of restless jokesters into an internationally known prank collective also a viral video-making machine. From a No Pants Subway Fling to Frozen Astronomical Central to a Mp3 Experiment also beyond, their publicly staged scenes of chaos also pleasure are cherished by a a complete bunch who see them, a hundreds who converse half inside them, also a millions who note also allotment a videos online. our Field off Scenes: a Rise of Improv inside all locations is a internal story of this groundbreaking personnel also its founder, Charlie Todd, who has grew to change into a arena into a stage, inventing an artwork operate for a Net age.


Credit ranking
Supplied by: DVRG
Director: Matt Adams
Producers: Andrew Soltys, Matt Adams
Govt Producers: Chad Nicholson, Chandra Jessee, Stephen Reid
Editor: Nathan Russell
Song: Tyler Walker, Mike Parker, Matt Oestreicher
Co-Producers: Nathan Russell, Adam Barton
Affiliate Producer: Alan Aisenberg
Affiliate Editor: Denis Cardineau
Further Editing by: Adam Barton
Graphics also Animation: Ed Mundy
Assistant Producers: Katie Sokoler, Kelley Dunlap
Major Forged: Charlie Todd, Ben Folds, Ken Keech, Anthony King, Chris Kula, Cody Lindquist, Tyler Walker, Invoice Wasik

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