Home Video Gentle-Gentle Mom vs E-Mom / 10 LOL Hacks

Gentle-Gentle Mom vs E-Mom / 10 LOL Hacks

Gentle-Gentle Mom vs E-Mom / 10 LOL Hacks

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Which mom would youre come to a option to your dolls – cute or rock? Search for frosty ideas for LOL Shock inside our contemporary video.

#CuteMom #RockMom #LOLSurprise

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Supplies also tools:
• scorching glue gun
• scissors
• utility knife
• paintbrushes
• modeling tools
• cloth
• tulle
• satin also ornamental ribbons
• lace
• half-beads also beads
• glittery foam paper
• cardboard
• plastic lid
• mild clay
• sequined ribbon
• plastic half-sphere
• printed money
• decorative stars
• ruching
• wooden skewers
• fluffy wire
• straw
• pompoms
• synthetic leather
• decorative stones
• decorative rings
• plastic bottle
• LEGO wheels
• decorative studs
• decorative cranium
• parchment
• glittery scorching glue
• metal lid
• accessory chains

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Tobu – La Belle

Tobu – Joy

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