Home Video Gentle-Rasmalai Recipe | केसर रसमलाई । Ideas to execute Rasmalai subtle

Gentle-Rasmalai Recipe | केसर रसमलाई । Ideas to execute Rasmalai subtle

Gentle-Rasmalai Recipe | केसर रसमलाई । Ideas to execute Rasmalai subtle

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Kesar Rasmalai Recipe, Prompt also silent from milk
Ingredients :
Cow Milk (गाय का दूध ) – 1 lts (for chena )
Corpulent cream (फुल क्रीम दूध ) – 1 ltr (for thickening milk )
Sugar (चीनी ) – 1.5 cup (300 gms) (for sugar syrup )
Sugar(चीनी ) – 1/2 cup (100 gms) (for thickening milk )
Saffron strands (केसर के धागे ) – 25 to 30
Green Cardamom (इलाइची ) – 4
Almonds (बादाम ) – 6 to 7
Cashews (काजू ) – 6 to 7
Pistachios (पिस्ता ) – 15 to 20
Lemon (नींबू ) – 2

Ideas to execute Kesar Rasmalai:
1. Favor 1 litre cow milk for making chena. Favor 1 litre corpulent cream milk inside a single another vessel. Activate flame. Warmth them up.
2. Favor cashews, almonds also pistachios also chop them into exiguous items.
3. Nick abet a lemon also extract its juice. approximately 2 tbsp lemon juice,Add 2 tbsp water to it.
4. Favor Favor a scoop of corpulent cream milk from vessel also add it to a saffron strands ina exiguous bowl.
5. To execute cardamom powder grind a cardamoms also peel them.

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6. Once cow milk is boiled, flip off flame, aid on jali stand also let it cool for 3 minutes. Hasten a milk inside a single another vessel at every 2 to three minutes. Retain flame low.
7. Add lemon juice to cow milk also mix it.Then add some more lemon juice also mix it.Live up for a minute, then budge on a opposite hand wait. Retain for a whereas, milk will curdle also change into chena.
8.To stress chena, pick an unlimited mixing bowl,positioned a strainer over it.Then place a neatly-organized cloth over it. Pour a milk into it. made a selection a cloth from every facet also obtain.Squeeze additional water from a chena with hands later.
9. As chena cools, squuze also drain out additional water. Then wash a chena with some chilly water to neatly-organized off taste of lemon.Squeeze also drain off water again. Favor out a chena inside a plate.
10. Squash a chena for 4 to 5 minute till subtle.Mash with each also each hands, press it till subtle. Then add 1/2 tsp cornflour, mash again for 3 to 4 minutes till subtle. Dough is ready.
11. Corpulent cream milk turns dense, cook dinner till 50% dense. Cook dinner for a whereas. Add quite chopped, cashews,almonds also pistachio to it. Add saffron soaked milk also cardamom powder too.
12. To execute sugar syrup, dd 1/2 cup sugar to a vessel, add 4 cup water to it.Activate flame.Cook dinner till sugar dissolves.
13. To execute Rasmalai, spoil lump from chena also offers it a spherical shape. Press also flatten like a peda then aid inside plate.Prepare all likewise.
14. Once sugar syrup is boiling, pick chena also put apart into sugar syrup one after a opposite. a boiling sugar syrup might perchance well presumably restful aid boiling.Retain a flame excessive.Duvet also cook dinner it on excessive flame for 15 to 16 minutes.Occasionaly test it by lifting a lid.
15. Once a corpulent cream milk is 50% dense inside consistency, then add 1/2 cup sugar also cook dinner till it dissolves. Then flip off flame. Let it cool.
16.When 15 minutes has lunge, test if a rasmalai is subtle also spongy. Once ready then Turn off flame. Situation a rasmalai container over jali stand also let it cool.
17. Pour Thickened milk for rasmalai inside a bowl,ake out a rasmalai from a suagr syrup, squeeze off additional sugar syrup also put apart it inside milk bowl.

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18. To relief it place a rasmalai inside a platter,after which pour minute milk over it.Garnish with quite pistachio shavings.youre might perchance well presumably aid Rasmalai inside fridge also eat it for 2 days.

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  2. Hello Mam, Your recipes are monumental and very frightful. Put we utilize this leftover Chaashni (Sugar syrup) while making Chena Murki?? Please produce reply. Thank you in Come! 🙂

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