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Keep inside a no longer too a long way-off future runt city, a VR existence simulation junkie goes on a mission essentially to derive a brand novel dopamine Games cartridge earlier than she goes by happiness withdrawal.

“Chimera” by Andrew Lee Ryan

Connect with a Filmmakers:
Industrial Instagram: @subvertedproductions
Director’s Instagram: @andrewleeryan

Extra About “Chimera”:
A runt-city no person, Felicity Fury, spends on on daily basis basis making a most of her alternative existence inside digital fact finishing easy targets inside a wide city of Sunscape! One day she comes out of a Games to search out her companion Logan has vulnerable a final of a cartridges, which employ a concentrated dose of dopamine to care for players gratified also bent on a Games. She gathers what runt cash she has to switch accomplish a brand novel cartridge but she’s been plugged inside too long; no longer simplest has confidence they been just lately declared illegal unbeknownst to her but she is beginning to dissociate. inside another phrases, her fact is glitching. What’s right also what’s no longer? As she chases down a cartridge she discovers that happiness is no longer a product she will without issues decide. Moderately, happiness is a product of a thoughts.

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“Chimera” Credit rating:
Written also Directed by
Andrew Lee Ryan

Govt Producers
Andrew Lee Ryan
Rebecca Ryan
Matthew R. Corbett

Andrew Lee Ryan

Affiliate Producer
Zachary Harrison

Director of Pictures
Laura Jansen

Edited by
Zachary Harrison

Assistant Editor
Cassandra Eiler

Fashioned Track by
James Fabio

Assistant Director
Kim Bunce


Script Supervisor
Adam Centrella
Argon Props

First Assistant Camera
Ketak Dhiman

Second Assistant Camera
Renee Narbinger

Steadicam Op
Wesley Kabakjian

Rahul Sharma

Key Grip
Ben Goelz

Mariya Chulichkova

Hair also made-up
Cam Harris

Borna Jafari

Sound Compose also Mixing
Luke Burba

Piotr Smorawski

Terra Layne
as Felicity Fury

Chérie Celeste Malone
as Cass Cleary

Joshua Radford
as Logan Briggs

Connor Dylan
as Shaw Grimes

Ahmad DeChalus
as Frisco Hood

Liza Giangrande
as Harper Kennedy

Lukas Jacob
as Road Merchant

Lazaros Theodorakopoulos
as Drug Vendor

Cameron Kelley
as Further

Thomas Richetelli
as Further #2

Connor Dylan
as VR Exterior Instruct, Jason Cleary

Sasha Travis
as VR Internal Instruct

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