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Within a distant way forward for Novel America, Cora is forced to face a guilt of her actions by an experimental interrogation tactic.

“Dreamcatcher” by Chris Phelps

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More About “Dreamcatcher”:
inside Novel America, crime is at an all-time excessive also endless murders are going unsolved each day. Compelled to take hang of ruthless movement, a authorities develops an experimental also extremely controversial interrogation tactic: a drug that induces a suspect valid into a dream-worship pronounce of psychosis, forcing them to face a guilt of their actions to a level of confession.

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Cora Dalton is wondered for a untimely loss of life of her roommate, Beth Barnes. Cora is continual inside a truth that she does not know what came about, nonetheless Detective Hammond is definite to discover a truth. He slips her a experimental drug.

Now plunged into psychosis, Cora finds herself inside a remedy session a build she is forced into talking about what inside actuality came about also a events that led up to Beth’s loss of life. She states that Beth stole her like passion. Fueled by pure jealousy, Cora confesses that she spiked Beth’s wine with peanut oil also stole her EpiPen. Whereas she confesses to a therapist inside her thoughts, she confesses to Detective Hammond inside a right world.

Cora is charged with break also sentenced to existence inside a reminiscence loop chamber a build she is forced to relive what she has executed except she dies.

“Dreamcatcher” Credit score:
Cora Dalton – Christa yg lain
Detective Hammond – Lucas Ross
a Therapist – Carol Anderson
Beth Barnes – Kylie Ward
a Worship Hobby – Danny Barracca
Dr. Adler – Josh Sanders

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Written, Directed, also Produced by Chris Phelps
Co-Produced by Olivia Jones also Mason Katter
1st AD – Olivia Jones
Director of Pictures, Camera Operator – Chris Phelps
2nd Camera Operator – Joel Pletcher
Production Sound Mixer – Slice O’Neil
Growth Operator – Elijah Preston
Grip/Gaffer – Mau Vasquez
Dresser – Emalee Crouse, Carmen Clemente
made-up – Emalee Crouse
Editor – Chris Phelps
Sound Clothier/Mixer – Chris Phelps
Visual Outcomes Artist – Chris Phelps
Colorist – Eleazar Wilson

“Accumulate My Desires”
Written, Performed, also Produced by Chris Phelps

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