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Synopsis: a Fantasy Action Movie “a Immortal Fox” tells that inside venerable cases, Changbai Mountain became once an energetic volcano. Each time it erupted, of us had been destroyed. a god might well now not has a stare also left a paddle which turned into into a water pearl also fell on top of a mountain. Then it turned into into a pool of spring water also set aside out a lava. A whereas later, a fox Lian’er became once born inside a mountain. At a starting, her master stale Water Spirit Pearl to abet her to turned into human. however a Fireside Spirit broken a seal also escaped. a Lian’er went down a mountain also looked for a Fireside Spirit…

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Studio: Hua Song Movie.
Producer: Huang Jingyuan, Si Wen, Jiang Jun.
Director: Diao Lulu.
Starring: Yu Menghan, Cai Rong, Wu Jianxuan, Wang Xuan.
Genres: #delusion #circulation #fantasymovie #actionmovies

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