Home Video Mushy-Phulka | Obtain Mushy Phulka at Dwelling | Restaurant Vogue Recipe...

Mushy-Phulka | Obtain Mushy Phulka at Dwelling | Restaurant Vogue Recipe | CDK #227 | Chef Deena’s Kitchen

Mushy-Phulka |  Obtain Mushy Phulka at Dwelling | Restaurant Vogue Recipe | CDK #227 | Chef Deena’s Kitchen

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Hi there All,
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On a present time, on this video youre will know how one can glean Phulka at dwelling. lot of youre judge what’s a different between phulka also roti. manner of preparation is same, phulka is same like chapati product of wheat flour, rolled as same as chapati, correct few seconds cooked on a pan also leisure cooked directley on warmth. some folks glean phulka smaller than chapati, also cook one side on pan also cook a different side at as soon as on warmth. it will likely become puffy also soft. folks name it different names ans glean it inside a replacement ways. strive this out easy recipe ans fragment your feedbacks inside comments beneath

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கோதுமை மாவு / Wheat Flour – 1 Cup
உப்பு / Salt
வெண்ணெய் / Butter

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  1. brother neenga pesrathu chef damu sir madhiri irukku enaku avara romba pidikum neenga pandrathu pedrathu avara madhiriyea iruku chef sir u r moreover my insprtn cook.. expansive sir

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