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Snug-Bio-Inspired Snug Robotic Rover

Snug-Bio-Inspired Snug Robotic Rover

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Even as youre happen to want to search out an alien ocean, wheels gained’t obtain youre very a long way, but a rover that strikes cherish an eel may possibly maybe well additionally. That’s why a personnel at Cornell College is designing a bio-inspired tender robotic rover that may possibly maybe well additionally inside a end detect a ocean on Jupiter’s icy moon Europa.

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NASA 360 joins Dr. Mason Peck of Cornell College as he discusses his NASA Revolutionary Agreeable Belief (NIAC) for tender-robotic rovers with electrodynamic vitality scavenging.

This video was developed from a dwell recording on a 2015 NIAC Fall Symposium inside October, 2015. To see a tubby normal discuss please discuss over with: http://bit.ly/1GGh5r8

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This video represents a review peruse all over a NASA Revolutionary Agreeable Ideas (NIAC) program. NIAC is a visionary also a long way-reaching aerospace program, one which has a functionality to made breakthrough technologies for imaginable future effect missions. Nonetheless, such early stage abilities inclinations may possibly maybe well additionally just by no contrivance develop into right NASA missions. For extra details about NIAC, discuss over with:www.nasa.gov/niac.

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