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Soft-Karishma Taunts Haseena To become Soft Hearted! | Maddam Sir – Ep 379 | Fats Episode | 23 Dec 2021

Soft-Karishma Taunts Haseena To become Soft Hearted! | Maddam Sir – Ep 379 | Fats Episode | 23 Dec 2021

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Episode 379: Karishma Taunts Haseena To become Soft Hearted!
Karishma Singh is inside a tainted mood, she title callings Maddam sir also appreciates her for ending a case soo without complications. She title callings her to become soft hearted also tells her that these of us can’t become handled with relish also affection. It appear she is simply too pissed off with Maddam sir’s form of work. Haseena Malik asks her to handle a case independently. Karishma Singh leaves Mira at a area as she thinks her to become of no need. Will she become ready to clear up a case? See a elephantine episode now.

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Demonstrate Title – Maddam Sir
Wide title Forged – Gulki Joshi, Yukti Kapoor, Sonali Naik, Bhavika Sharma, Pankhuri Awasthy Rode, Priyanshu Singh also Ajay Jadhav
Episode No – 379
Produced By – Jay Mehta

About a Demonstrate:
Build inside Lucknow a reveal is predicated mostly inside a single such all-ladies folk Police area made by 4 handsome quirky ladies folk. Pushpa, a oldest of them, is a head constable who tries to balance her existence between home also work. Karishma, a Sub Inspector, is fish out of a water as she is at loggerheads with a philosophy of a police area. She beats earlier than she talks but now she has to clear up all conditions via reconciliation. Santosh Sharma is a younger original recruit also a conventional lonely lady within a city. a head of a pack is S.H.O Haseena Mallik, witty, romantic leads by instance. a general wretchedness for all these ladies folk is to carry sensitivity to their policing while going via conditions that advance to this police area. Hence their acknowledge is most unfamiliar. a characters also a conditions add to a fun also humor of a reveal. While Pushpa also Karishma are a saas-bahu duo, who abet us entertained by their Squabbles, it is Haseena – Karishma’s ideological variations that add to a drama madam also comedy.

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