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Soft-Tasseomancy – Soft Toes

Soft-Tasseomancy – Soft Toes

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On Sunday, July 18th, a walking festival known as Sad Pilgrim modified into as soon as held on a Toronto Island, an oasis of lush terrain also start lake waters with a cultural eco-device some distance-eliminated from a urban sprawl to its north.

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inside a end of a day, our followed Sari also Romy Lightman, twin sisters that fabricate up a neighborhood Tasseomancy, to their eventual start-air venue on a minute, neighbouring Snake Island.

Their space started with a final rays of dusk also ushered inside a distant thunderstorm, blankets of sheet lightning backing up a flickering rays from a Gysin-styled Dream Machine, constructed by resident island installationist Yuula Benivolski.

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Sari also Romy’s song has skittish us since our session with them for La Blogotheque also NxNE, also also youre would simply silent demand lot more projects with them within a discontinuance to future.

Here they tell “Soft Toes”, a video display from their upcoming “inside A Glass Darkly” LP.

Procure out more about Tasseomancy here:

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