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Subtle-BF RUNS AWAY WITH PICO also EVERYONE IS UPSET!! | Friday Night time Funkin Subtle [FULL 6 WEEKS]

Subtle-BF RUNS AWAY WITH PICO also EVERYONE IS UPSET!! | Friday Night time Funkin Subtle [FULL 6 WEEKS]

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Taking part inside Friday Night time Funkin Subtle mod FULL 6 WEEKS
Uh oh! Your tryin to kiss ur hot lady friend, however her MEAN also EVIL dad is attempting to KILL youre! He’s an ex-rockstar, a supreme attain to made a selection as much as his heart? a power of song…
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Prepare to tumble assist inside like with a contemporary crew also meet new faces inside a international a set all a pieces appears to become like like so innocent or… no longer no longer as much as that’s what it would possibly possibly possibly seemingly perhaps seemingly appear. Follow Subtle BF as he attempts to prepare his dreams of turning into a painter alongside with his lover Subtle Pico by his aspect. So cute also gentle. It all seems too elegant to become right form…
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  1. i handiest noticed this now but whenever you secret agent at monster/lemon demon's sprite which you would possibly perchance witness that its in actuality father fairest which i luxuriate in would imply bf sees f.f as a demon as something in his head and it wont scamper away he also has father fairest's affirm but deeper and with results that makes him sound extra of luxuriate in a demon which also makes it luxuriate in that and that i know its roughly obvious i correct didnt know that ahead of when i watched the relaxed mod

  2. Something I realized with father fairest is that his mic substitute the cigar he never aspects it down even on his down conceal refined hint that he doesn't think what he's announcing is atrocious

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